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11:48 pm

March 18, 2016

I’m in love.. tonight

with the song i’ve been listening for hours
scent of coffee
little flame of candles
and the addiction of ciggaretes


I’m trapped.. thereupon
with the shadow pseudo of yourself
which deeply obsesses me
yet delivers to circumstances
that have been distracting my mind 


Is it right to keep waiting?
Because to me, 
The smile on your face,
The way you stare at me,
The way you hold my fingers,
The way you speak,
The words you say,
The moment you’re asleep,
How you care those simple things, 
and everything you do, 

are proper things to be waiting for, 

It’s undeniable


But is it wrong to keep my desire?
Because I don’t exactly know
when it started
how it happened
and it’s so sudden.

The presence of you has made my possessive heart wanted to be with you


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